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Fun Vinyl Stickers

$3.00 USD

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Highest quality vinyl stickers for decorating your journals, laptops, coffee mug or whatever you feel like. They are supposed to be durable outside for up to 36 months. Mine has been on my journal all year and so far so good. Choices: Cottontail rabbit (2.4” x 4.4”), a sweet toad drawn originally with coloured pencil (American Toad  3.1” x 2.6” , an owl surrounded by a holographic sky (Great Grey owl in flight, 3.3” x 4.6”),  three hummingbirds on a glitter vinyl sticker (3") a sweet ginger cat with a purple finch and a toad (3”), a Short-Eared owl in flight (3” diameter circle) or moths, butterflies and fungi – “Polarity”, based on the paintings (3” square).  

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